Beta feedback part 2

After a couple of days trying the game I have to say that I'm really pleased with it. There are certain details that you have to polish and some other stuff that, I think, you should add to the game. Like I said on my previous post, the lack of "prone" mode and some bugs, like "the car and the wall" thing, have to be fixed. At the end of the day I came up with a short list of suggestions to make the game better. This is just my opinion and does not reflect, necessarily, the opinion of other people.

1) Third person mode. This is really necessary.
2) Prone mode. Basic tactics in battle.
3) Ability to crouch without having to keep holding the Left Ctrl key or any other keys.
4) "Free camera" mode. The ability to look around without having to move into that direction.
5) "Flying" controls. Ability to move with W,A,S,D keys while falling from the plane, and increase the falling speed.
6) Less pistols, more assault riffles and/or large/medium guns. Do not force the players to land in a big city, because of the "better loot".
7) Wolves are way too OP. I know I'm supposed to "Fear The Wolves", but dying with a couple of attacks from a wolf is not fun or fair.
😎 No "healing with time". You have medkits, bandages, painkillers, food, water and many other consumables; make the players use them.
9) Can we have a big backpack with an oxygen tank??
10) Ability to jump over fences, rocks, boxes and other things.
11) Better car controls. More types of cars.

Thank you again for letting me try this game before it comes out and for also letting me help you make the game better. I really look forward to the release of this title.

Hi there,

Thank you very much for the feedback, I've passed it along to the dev team.

I will say, we don't have plans for a third-person mode at this time.