First I would like to say that I like what you have done with the game so far...There is still a way to go to make it what it can become but hopefully, the community feedback is taken into consideration.

Below you can find a list of items that I consider important or in my opinion would change the experience for the better:

  1. Add ADS sensitivity control.
  2. Add a shortcut for muting the game sound. Sometimes the "lobby"/airplane sounds are disturbingly loud.
  3. Add compass.
  4. Longer Open Beta testing periods.
  5. Mark on the map the area that will get adrenaline infection. At times, you find yourself running towards an area that will become infected and lets you no time to get out of there.
  6. Lower punch damage.
  7. More loot... We don`t want yet another looting simulator... I think spending more time looking for "fights" instead of looking for loot would make the game more fun...

Will append to this list...