My Extraction Idea, truly fearing the wolves.

My idea to possibly solve issues with the Final Extraction zone and campers "last man standing", is wolves!.

When the helicopter comes, the noise of it "attracts all the nearby wolves in the vicinity" causing the game to spawn large packs of wolves that beeline toward the heli and any player they come into contact with, and maybe circle around the extraction point somehow.

That way people have some options of what they choose to do. Kill players trying to extract or run from the wolves hot on your tail. I imagine it might be quite hard to "Last man standing" with a pack of wolves at your back.

I just thought it sounded cool, heart racing, and really capturing the spirit of "Fear the Wolves". Ill see if i can expand more ideas on how this would work in the future and update with more ideas.

I agree on the current in one. can add. at the end when too long. to let the wolves. I thought at first. make the zone. but no. in the game there are wolves. There are such moments. you are left alone with the enemy. Do not you do not hesitate to get up. thus the game is delayed. time is running. maybe wolves? or narrowing the zone? when the game dragged on at the very end.

mabey have a zone where the packs of wolves are. rather than one wolf