Freestyle for ST and MR

Wont to Share some pics of spintires uhd and mudrunner with freestyle use... It's easy to use and have enough filters th have fun with... no issues like with reshape... fps drop us ok...

Many people complain about graphics and weather.... all the thinks are there... but not official... snow maps and snowfall.... realtime tracks engine.... I think is useless to wait for devs to bring that features out... the answer to all that stuff is: Dracanus..... the best modder out there... the man who knows what the engine can.... I thank him for all what he did for the both games and what more to come...

Check the pics

Thx.... want to Show some samples what freestyle can... for many people is just too much... but everyone can choose his own style and settings... freestyle has many option which can set up in realtime... want just Show an alternative to reshade

Hey, thak U! It looks nice but I dont think I get it. Is it a mod, or multiple mods, or is it a complete project like Spintires plus was? is there a link to get more info???

Thanks for sharing.

Cool u like it....
Its called Nvidia Freestyle... it has almost the same Filters like reshade... but u dont have to install something or rename stuff... its an realtime Ingame Filter... by pressing alt F3 u get in the menu and can change the look of almost every game... if someone interested i can post an tutorial... the freestyle modus is there... but nvidia dont work on it anymore.... the other thing that u see on my pics is a Special Edition of spintires... an uhd overhaul... and all pics shot in dsr 4k resolution (8xfxaa too).. looks very nice in my opinion... the mr version i pished with hd summer remastered mod and freestyle...its easy to get st and mr colourfull... sharp... clear... and u some specila effencts to... easy to work with... i use it in almost every game i have...i like reshade too... but that one is just to easy...

@ewgenij84 Wait, you are saying that if I press alt+F3 on my PC without install nothing, I'll get like a panel to "reshade" games??? no way!!! I'll try it out at home.

Hey hey.. not so fast...
1.freestyle works over nvidia expirience.... u have to enable Experimental features and the overlay....
2.Open Nvidia Inspector > Scroll down to The "Other" Section > Change Value "Ansel Flags For Freestyle Mode", click 0x00000000 > scroll down change to 0x00000004(Mass Effect Andromeda, Killing Floor 2,...) and apply changes on top right. Launch the game and press Alt+F3 DONE !!!
Thats it...

  1. Useabble with almost every game only with nvidia driver 390.77.... if u use another one... not Sure if it works
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@ewgenij84 oooopppssss... I have 398.36
I can't find this NVidia Inspector thing...

@ewgenij84 Looks cool bro. Just a bit oversaturaturated. I would suggest to slide down the saturation control a liitle. Men, I wish the devs increase the drawing distance. When you put the game sharper like this, you can really see how the trees that are 20 meters away from the truck, are loooooowwww poly as hell.

Thx... i like it powerfull... but u right and not the first one... just wanna Show what is possible...
I know what u mean with the trees...

Gave it a shot and after a quick min or 2 of setup and driving around was impressed how well it runs and looks much better

0_1534310980037_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.08.14 -
0_1534310990983_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.08.14 -

0_1534311019631_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.08.14 -
0_1534311026959_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.08.14 -

Doesn't really do it justice until you play a bit in fullscreen and switch back and forth.

@kpbruka Hey! it looks nice!!! you got the right ammount of saturation & clarity!!! I like it

Hey cool... glad u like it... u welcome

Look at the grass and the dirt streets... the datail are better to see... the colour is more realistic

@kpbruka wow, if i could put 1000L in my gas tank i'd never have to fill it again because i'd crush the suspension haha.

Oh wait... looks like that little truck has taken quite a bit of damage too...

Haha yeah whichever mod truck that is the fuel capacity and damage is pretty high. But its one of my go to little trail trucks.

Wooooow, this yours pic looks like RL:
alt text

This is that we may do in requested by the community PhotoMud Mode in MR2! (For all platforms, see such topic nearby)

Thx.... that look is possible with dsr and freestyle features.... but seems that other plyer not inzerested in and enjoy the agly and coulerless looking mr.... i enjoy it every day at that look

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