Space Hulk: Deathwing - Infested Mines


Hello everyone,

It's been two months since Space Hulk: Deathwing launched, and we've been heavily focused on improving performance in both the PC and PS4 versions, as well as fixing bugs that you've reported in the time since release.

To that end, we're happy today to announce a large patch coming to PS4 and PC later this month, Infested Mines.

Firstly, Infested Mines will introduce a new map, also called Infested Mines, playable in Solo Special Missions and Multiplayer Coop, and unlocked from the start of the game. This will be available to all players as free DLC.


Additionally, Infested Mines will introduce a photo mode to Space Hulk: Deathwing, allowing players to take screenshots of the game without the HUD appearing. This will be accessible from the options menu.

We'll also be introducing a number of quality of life changes in Infested Mines, with improved Terminator AI, you are now able to cancel a Psygate by pressing the activation button again, as well as a new option for server filters (you can now leave an option blank, instead of selecting either yes or no). We've now also reduced the distance at which you will be able to hear Explosive Genestealers.


On top of all of this, we've also implemented bug fixes, fixing issues that have been reported by the community since the time of launch.

Many thanks, and we're looking forwards to sharing Infested Mines with you soon.

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Awesome! My photo mode suggestion looks like it made it in! Now hopefully we can build on this an add an option to play missions with no mobs so we can really get some awesome images and do some amazing filming!

The map has my excited, content like this is very much welcomed!

This sounds good and DLC being free is always appreciated. My only issue with all this is that the game has glaring balance problems right now. I hope that the free patch will also include balancing fixes because with no game/skill/class balance, there isn't any point in releasing maps, is it?

@valrak Maybe a mod or level design mode would be good for something like this. It wouldn't surprise me if there was a debug mode or cheat that allowed something like no mobs. This is such an atmospheric game. It's a great engine and tile set for more content or future 40k games. Love the content Valrak. For Dorn and the Emperor.

Hopefully the next step will be to add ultramarines and blood Angels skins for our terminators!
For The Lion!

Anything to fix afk farming?

And will you be getting rid of region locks, now we have visibility of the game status (ping)?

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Wooooow!!! Thank you so much guyz !! Look so great! So good new that you dev continue to support, Space Hulk Deathwing is just one of my favorite game!! So good to have a new map and photo mod! I hope you will developp many other one!

Nice to hear about a FREE DLC with fixes, photo mode and a new map, great stuff :-).

Will any of these bug fixes or patches, sort out the weak lightning attack from the Librarian or the give the storm bolters more power??

I know this has been mentioned a few times, they seem to be good on campaign but on mulitplayer they seem weaker.


@feliperj not to rain on your parade or anything dude, but I think it's pretty unlikely that we'll get skins from other Chapters (not with Dark Angels lineage) when the game's (sub)title is Deathwing.
That said I do agree with you; I would love some Black Templars, Iron Hands, Blood Angels or Salamanders skins!

To be honest though, something I really want added customisation-wise, is just an option to be wearing a helmet, or go bare-headed, regardless of the skin you're using. I really like some of the skins, but the lack of a helmet on a huge amount of them (including every single assault class skin) just puts me off using them.

I love you guys, I love you! A new map to explore? For me the best possible news! Thanks a lot for your creativity! Please carry on and I wouldn't mind to pay for more new maps.

The new map, is it located on the Space Hulk Olethros?

Can't wait to explore it 🤤

Good news, at least!!

Really enjoying the new release. good job.

we spent half an hour just taking pictures of each other lol

@reddjelly yeah. i know deathwing means Onkyo dark angels terminators. i am asking for that cause i think we can have a new ton of customization stuff. i would like to have a blue armor or a red one.

I feel The same like You. i hate those skins without a helmet. i Love The terminator helmet. That is way i mainly want a New load of skins, tô have more helmet options.

@alby i would pay for it too. i am so excited i bought a 2nd version to my girl.