Insurgency: Sandstorm - Known Issues
Focus Team

Hello, and welcome to the Insurgency: Sandstorm Pre-Order Beta 1.
We're really happy that you're joining us here, and would like to let you know of some issues that we're currently aware of, in this build of the game.

Known Issues


  • Character Customization: For any players that were present in the Closed Alpha please delete your profile.sav in the below location: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\SaveGames\Profile
    Otherwise you may experience character body parts disappearing or showing two cosmetic options at once.
  • Interface: Profile system is not fully in and therefore might show incorrect stats.
  • Interface: After having ended a Matchmaking match, Credits gained from said match will not initially update in the Player Appearance screen
  • Interface: Steam party system is Work In Progress.
  • Interface: Skin tone changes to Dark/Black on Ragdolls.
  • Interface: Recap system is Work In Progress.
  • Interface: After having ended a match, Credits gained from said match will not be updated in the Character Customization menu.
  • Performance: Maps haven't been fully optimized yet, framerate may be low in certain areas.
    HLOD distance is now affected by the users “Effects Quality” setting in the video menu. Lower settings should provide increased performance at the cost of some minor visual fidelity.
  • Performance: Magnified scopes will lower framerate when the player looks through them. So please set your scope to Low in the setting menu if you have a lower spec machine
  • Anticheat: Your anti-virus may sometimes cause our anti-cheat software to crash, which will make the game unable to launch. You can refer to the dedicated support page:
  • Fire Support: Occasionally when encountering buildings or the environment, IED Drones will get stuck.
  • Sound: Gun fire sound may cut out in specific conditions.
  • Sound: Guns mounted on vehicles gunshot sound effects may remain in the vehicle's spawn area.
  • Vehicle: Guns mounted on vehicles may desynchronize or dismount from its vehicle in certain conditions.
  • Vehicle: Vehicles have erratic physics under certain conditions.
  • Visual: Particle effects will go through buildings.
  • Visual: Going through a Smoke Grenade will cause the screen to flicker.
  • Visual: When spawning in after loading a scenario, weapon handguard can be seen floating above the character's view.
  • Visual: Car engine smoke/fire may not appear in online play.
  • VOIP: Local VOIP cannot be heard by nearby clients.
  • VOIP: Team Radio VOIP is likely to cut-off mid-sentence.

Other issues

  • Interface: Some loading screen appear white on occasion.
  • Interface: Localization string appears on loading screen.
  • Interface: When loading into a coop match, players may see a versus loading screen.
  • Interface: First person view camera may not properly initialize if a player respawns while in the loadout selection room. If this happens, press escape to re-center the camera.
  • Achievement: Wallbanger can be obtained via direct hits on random occasions.
  • Animation: Some interactions may have missing or incomplete animations.
  • Animation: Resupplying while using a Foregrip will reset the character's hand to the "normal" holding animation.
  • Attachment: Currently equipped Grenade Launchers will be displayed and usable when picking another weapon.
  • Fire Support: The UI will prompt players to pick up grenades dropped by Grenade Drones, though this is not possible.
  • Gameplay: On occasion the player may crash during the insertion on a checkpoint level.
  • Gameplay: Players will be able to respawn indefinitely on Push until they enter and exit another spawn area.
  • Gameplay: On thin surfaces / walls, character models can poke through and get shot.
  • Gameplay: Restricted areas will not prevent players from planting/throwing explosives.
  • Interaction: Destroyed/unhinged doors will not synchronize with clients that joined the server after the door has been destroyed.
  • Interaction: Doors may be invulnerable against rockets under certain conditions.
  • Interaction: Can't throw grenades after opening a door.
  • Oilfield Firefight West map: Bravo UI is inside the building, whereas the capture zone is outside.
  • Spectator mode: After Map Transitions, Spectator UI will not initialize properly.
  • Visual: 3rd person models for Binoculars displays the knife.
  • Visual: 3rd person model for the Mine is missing when held in hand.
  • Visual: 1st person textures on weapons may glitch out when player has M3 rocket launcher.
  • Visual: An item (gas mask, grenade) may appear below player's legs sometimes.
  • VOIP: Default volume is very low compared to other audio sources.
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alt text

I can't find a match, I can't play at all. Maybe it's because I'm from South America and there are no servers here?

Im having trouble with that as well is US EAST

Soo i download the Beta start it aaand then it freezes..everytime, anyone with any ideas what i can do about this?

I’ve been unable to join any servers despite many attempts, either I am unable to find a game (despite 1400 people being online and all regions enabled) or as soon as a map loads I lose connection to the server. Anyone else been having this problem? Potential fixes?

What about insane strafing speeds?

hello, i have a 1070ti and when i scope the fps drop down near 10-15fps... i don't want set my scop to low with this card. it's optimisation problem i think...

@sgjguille same for me i search in competitive first then i retry in normal mode and it's work.

Spectator Mode: Left clicking to scroll backward through teammates does nothing. Right clicking to scroll forward works.

I can find a game, but as soon as I get to 95-100% in loading in it disconnects me.

During spectating other players while dead, cannot change player using right mouse button, only left mouse button works.

when the games loads up it says "unable to join server"

Hi NWE! Can you please consider programming multiple key (double key) binding for controls? My boyfriend has Erb's Palsy so he can't do much with his right hand, and it would make it much easier for him to play if he can bind multiple keys to one action. I love watching him play the beta; great polish since alpha!

Still having crashing issues cant play the game for more than 5 minutes, this happened to me in the alpha as well.

Hello, I can't connect to any match, after a long/short loading time, the game kicks me with the message "Lost Connection to Server". Im from South America

Spectator mode: Right mouse click to change player doesn't work.

  • Game launches as "borderless window" instead of "fullscreen" even though it's set on settings.
    This causes stuttering on Windows 10 1803 for every game that is not set at fullscreen.
  • Hit registration is off compared to Alpha
  • Issues with mouse smoothing/no disable setting
  • Can't pickup other's weapons
  • Textures reload after exiting menus/spectating others
  • While moving the weapon/camera slowly to left or right there seems to be resistance to movement compared to when moving it fast (not sure if it's intended)
  • Objects get blurred when turning the camera around, AA issue? ->
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It seems like the vertical sync is not working properly.

This is the setting I am using =

My graphic card is NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti

The Vsync works well in regular full screen mode.

But , the game goes back to full screen windows mode every time it is launched.

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When I try to join a match , I get disconnected 50% of the time.
Sometimes I get disconnected in the middle of the match.
This never happened in the Original Insurgency.

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Im having some very high ping issues since the hotfix. I had a ping around 40 to 80 before and now, Im more around 100-140. Im still selecting Europe Only. (same for my teammate)

The other bugs are already said in this topic.

Keep the great work, the game is amazing. 😉

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