Game locks-up on join (UPDATED)

I can't get in at all. Matchmaking (COOP) finds servers (US East & West), but game locks-up at various stages (80%, 93%, even 100%, etc) during the load ...that's as far as I get. I have all settings on low or off, have tried lower and medium resolutions windowed/borderless/fullscreen, no go thus far. Similar to what I saw in the Alpha tho' I did get into quite a few matches there..(so the game will run with my current specs). Will keep tweaking for now, but... ☹

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Having kinda the same problem only my game wont let me past the main menu..just freezes instantly after launching the game.

I did a bit of research on the UT4 engine's a pig RAM-wise. THAT was my problem. Altho' I have 8GB the game (right now anyway) is eat'n 4.7GB all by itself. That's....a lot.
Maybe it'll get tuned down before release...I hope. But meanwhile I had to UP my virtual memory (paging files) and then the match would run....apparently it peaks out ram-wise on the load right as it connects to the servers which is where mine was consistently hanging. I figured this out from examining the log found in:

I've ordered another 8GB, so we'll see how much that helps out in a couple of days.

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@mamba Hi! Im having the same issue! I have 8GB RAM and I cant connect to any match, how much virtual memory do you added? Also I cant find in the logs how much memory does the game uses

@sadar I doubled my vRAM amounts, which in my case was adding a couple more GB. Try that...keep in mind your drive-space of course.
You can see in Task Manager->Processes how much CPU, Memory, etc the game process is using. Pretty easy to watch if you have dual monitors, less so with one.

I have some what of the same issue. My computer has 16gb ram. I can get into games fine, but randomly, roughly every 5 - 6 minuets, the game freezes. I have to open the lid of my laptop and close it again for everything to come back into play. I play with an external monitor. Really annoying I cant play for more than 5 minuets without the game freezing.

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