Speed movements are still too sonic(fast)..

Like title says,player speed movements its still to fast,i really hoped that it will be toned-down a bit in Beta,but the devs keep the same settings.
Im tired of "fast paced" shooters.
Insurgency 2 (2014) was fine,but this is too arcadish,CoD/BF oriented gameplay style,with is a big no no for me.

Clearly you've never played either of the Insurgency games before or you're imagining things as the movement speed is about the same depending on your loadout. It's neither too fast nor too slow.

I played Insurgency 2 (2014),i have 470hours on it,with is something,players sprinting in that game was totally perfect for me,in Sandstorm,you just run and gun,sprinting is sonic,is way too far adjusted,its needs to be toned-down just by 5-10%.and im pretty sure everyone will be happy.

I have no idea why they made it that fast in the first place. The first speed of the alpha was perfect

Having hundreds of hours with insurgency on record, I can tell you it's still not this fast. They need to slow the movement speed of players by at least 1/4 for top speed loadouts. That's a start.

Insurgency's player speed movement was never meant to be slow dude. Even the previous insurgency had fast movement but it all depended on your kit as weight was a detrimental factor.

Hell, even when you wear no armor the movement speed in the previous insurgency was close to COD/BF movement speed.

I want the movement of insurgency to be smooth and fast, not the restriction of movement like in other tactical/milsim games because insurgency is a game I love for being the perfect in between in both milsim and arcade shooters. I don't want that to change.

Movementspeed feels good. The only problem i have is the jumping above stuff animation feels weird and the switching from single to multifire is linda buggy. The reaction wjen i press the button to seitch is slow.

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Then you're a 100m runner but you had to serve in the army.
And then you say: No gear can stop me from being who I'm.

@derpydays it was never meant to be obnoxiously fast either. Some people are impossible to hit if they are running horizontally of your position. Hell, I came across a bunch of a-holes serpentining in the open, being impossible to hit.
There was this instance that me and other THREE teammates couldn't hit a guy in the open because of how fast he was serpentining

I'd say movement is fine (as the player), however on the other end when witnessing another player move is not right. With a bit of animation work in terms of smoothing out transitions and with general optimization giving higher frames, the movement will become healthier.

speed is neither unrealistic nor bad.

Sprinting speed is way too fast. This is in the context of being under fire and just sprinting away into cover or from cover to cover. Obviously, when they made such ridiculously huge maps you'd want to be able to move fast since the objective are 150+ meters away.

Solution: make smaller maps.

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To me its you take off like an olympic sprinter, not the overall speed, when you start shooting at someone standing still then there gone in a blink of an eye.

The speed has already been adjusted, are you sure you're not just using too high FOV making it look too fast?


@tuliottr said in Speed movements are still too sonic(fast)..:

There was this instance that me and other THREE teammates couldn't hit a guy in the open because of how fast he was serpentining

pretty sure

@tuliottr The game is no longer just conventional hitscan, and also... it could easily be argued that your aim is the problem, not the game's mechanics

Agree, Usain Bolt has nothing on their sprinting abilities.

@mainfold i'm not the best shot... but THREE other people shooting at them? maybe it is hard to believe. too bad my ShadowPlay wasn't working.

Plus, this never happens on Insurgency source. For some reason, it is waaay easier to hit shots there than it is on Sandstorm

This has also been the experience of our group - at least the AI in co-op sometimes decides to beat the records set by Usain Bolt, which is understandable given that they were running away from us. We are so good we even sometimes win! (nerf noob tubes for AI)

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