Again, why the weird delay between semi auto shots?

The SKS seems fine, but when you try to semi auto the G3 or the FAL, it's impossible. There is always a delay between shots

The delay between M16 bursts is especially noticeable.

The SKS was really bad before they updated it. Now they just need to carry that over to the other weapons.

There's delays where there shouldn't be quite often in this game including on firemode selection

semi auto is so nerfed on this game. It really bothers me and it is immersion breaking when it is advantageous to use a 7.62 rifle on full auto

up. devs, please see this. it is making it unplayable for me

Yeah Semi auto seems unproductive after trying to hard to love the M16. Better to pick a full auto gun.

@skidd-chung Very. It is pretty sad how full auto is the main meta, when it really shouldn't be in a more "realistic" shooter,
The good thing about the original Insurgency is that both full auto and semi auto are well balanced, you never feel disadvantageous by using full or semi

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