Wild FPS

Running an I7 6700k at 4.5 and 1080ti OC'd. Experiencing FPS ranging from 108 to 65, not a smooth experience at all. MSI shows both CPU and GPU usage going from 50% to 60%. Tried different graphics settings but getting same performance regardless.

Get high GPU usage in menu, and better framerates.

Anyone else have same or ideas ?

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Overall game is great and the graphics are an improvment over the first game. How ever there are some things that concern me.

  1. The lag/stuttering of the game is pretty bad on all maps (Oilfield plays slightly better but still remains a problem). Running on very high with a gtx 1080 and 6700k i was averaging around 60fps. Altough playable, i know for sure that the 1080 is not being used to its full potential due to current optimisation.

  2. Please make vaulting more fluid. I was finding that aporaching a window i would just completly miss the jump.

  3. Textures could do with a slight buff.

Couple other small bugs like character not loading correctly in loadout menu etc but nothing else in regards to gameplay.

I would recommend this game to others but would like to see the game full running smoothly before hand - i can 100% see that this game would be great if it was smooth and well optimised.

Yes, same experience with a very similar system (6700k at 4.4, 1080 OC'd).
I know that my settings are probably a bit too high, but my minimum fps isn't that bad (ca 60). But as you mentioned, it goes up and down like hell.

AA - High
Texture - Very High
Effects - Very High
Foliage - Low
Shadow - High
Post Processing - Very High

Motion Blur - Off
Scope - High (still very blurry)
Foliage Interactions - Off

I have CPU 4790K not overlocked and GPU 1080. The biggest plank of fps is 80, drop to 40.

My settings:
AA - Very High
Texture - Medium
Effects - Low
Foliage - Low
Shadow - Low
Post Processing - Medium

Motion Blur - Off
Scope - High (still very blurry)
Foliage Interactions - Off

same for me and a lot of people, and even if we don't have a 1080, the performance isn't that good but we're not blaming the game because it's an Beta testing but I hope the performance will be better than this beta

Getting a stable 40-50 FPS with these specs:

  • RX 580 8GB at a low factory overclock
  • Ryzen 7 1700 at 3.75GHz overclock
  • 2933MHz DDR4
  • SATA SSD (Samsung 850 EVO)
  • <2mo old BIOS and drivers (can't guarantee latest)
  • 2560x1440 monitor with 30-144 Hz freesync

and these settings:

  • 2560x1440, Borderless Windowed
  • 90 FOV
  • TAA Very High
  • Textures Very High
  • Effects High
  • Foliage Medium
  • Shadows High
  • Post Processing Medium
  • Scope Quality High
  • Motion blur OFF, screen resolution 100%, ragdoll count LOW, foliage interactions OFF

The game is definitely not optimized at all in CPU usage, as in most scenes my RX 580 is falling to 70-90% usage even on 1440p and high-ish settings. I am impressed though that it runs mostly without sudden FPS dips and the framerate is quite smooth. Nearby intense effects like explosions and death effects still do give a noticeable drop in performance, though.

For those looking for better framerates try to raise shadows and effects to medium. It is possible that the game is trying to CPU-render them on low which could mean lower FPS in an already CPU-limited game.

Also running other things in the background not including Sandstorm. GPU wasn't at 100% either.


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Game has been pretty smooth as a whole even while not yet optimized. Only issue I have is an occasional drop to 15 frames while in the back of the spawn truck but shoots up once out. Any map type with all high settings except foliage (medium) while recording I am getting 60-80 frames consistent @ 2048×1080.

MSI Krait X370 mobo
Ryzen 7 1700 stock @ 3Ghz
G Skill 16GB DDR4 @ 3200Mhz
Gigabyte 1060GTX 6GB stock clock
1TB Samsung NVMe

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