Insurgency: Sandstorm:Very poor Optimization

@gh0s7 Youtube Video

Here's my setup, settings, and performance in a 10 min video.

While performance is still not good, it got a whole lot better with this fix. It is also more stable now and even oil refinery isnt a stop-motion-movie anymore.
Thank you very much (and all the credits to doubletapdan)!

Ps. The hotfix too did improve the overall performance but only slightly. I can tell because I did this fix after I played hotfixed version a while.

after the first beta, not that has not changed in terms of optimization, the turnover in places even worse.


same as you although i5 7500 - yet mind is running fine. Its crazy how we all have a different experience!

There was a post about the lastest Nvidia drivers, have you updated?

Running: Ryzen 5 1600 OC'd to 3.7(haven't tried anything higher happy where it's at)
16GB G.Skill DDR4 3200Mhz
GTX 1060 6GB
Windows 10

Getting 50fps with everything on high but game still stutters and acts like a pos even on low.

I'm running an older gaming laptop with two 980's in SLI. No issues at all

@ehwot That is probably after the patch and the two hotfixes the optimization is very good now, i should probably update this thread or remove it at this point 😛

Yes, this game runs not very well. Micro stutter are a killer for PvP games.

i7 7700, 16GB, 10606gb, BF5 1080 - 70FPS in High
In sandstorm 30-40FPS... This game urgently needs optimization

I am getting solid FPS..generally 70-110 @ 1440p. at least in coop mode.

2600x CPU
16GB 3200 DDR4
1080 GPU

most settings at high or very high..except shadows low..motion blur off..AA 2x

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i7 7700K 32GB Ram GTX1080 (OC 15%) & SSD.

I got a lot of these issues initially but I maxed everything out and slowly decreased the advanced settings till it had a sweet spot.
Also note I play at 1920x1080. Admittedly higher res worked against me.
Now I run a stable 40fps+ except in really (and I mean really) intense situations.
The texture streaming and Sampling were the 2 that had the most impact and the tessellation setting really made things screwy. Motion Blur Off. All other settings are at max.

Some things to point out:
This has been marked as 64 bit as a requirement.
The texture streaming is pretty hardcore so using a mechanical drive is going to work against you, ALOT!
The heat generated inside the PC while playing is very high and i'm talking ambient so crappy heat management is not your friend.
(My heat management is peak so I don't really have an issue just thought Id point it out)
Playing windowed mode unlike many other games can create a hell alot of lag im unsure why this is specific to Sandstorm.

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I've changed so many things it's hard to say what might have helped me, but I'm getting 80-110 FPS with these specs at 1080p Fullscreen:

  • Intel i7 4770k @ Stock 3.9GHz speed
  • 32GB DDR3 2133MHz
  • Asus Strix 1080 8GB VRAM
  • Samsung 970 EVO

And I'm running these settings:

IMO you get much better graphic quality (and virtually 0 performance loss in my experience) by disabling Anti-aliasing and instead setting Super Sampling to at least 1.25x. FXAA makes enemies seem blurry at a distance and they blend in a little too well with foilage and stuff, but by using Supersampling instead they still maintain some clarity with their surroundings.

When I use a magnified scope it'll drop to 60-70, which still seems very playable to me so I keep scope quality set to High because I really like the Picture-in-picture look.

I also disabled all of the nVidia share stuff like Shadowplay, Ansel, etc. and instead use OBS (with NVenc) to record stuff.

So somewhere along those lines, either due to the disabling of the nVidia stuff, or maybe due to having a really fast storage device to load textures from, microstutters are extremely rare and barely noticable. I tend to get one at the beginning of the round as I enter a new area of the map for the first time, and that's about it.

I tried those "FPS Fixes" like -USEALLAVAILABLECORES, disabling Hyperthreading, Appdata .ini tweaks, etc. and none seemed to have any noticable impact. I think the M2 SSD probably did the most for me.

For those that are saying their game runs extremely smooth with their SSD, I think it would help if they specified if their SSD was the fancy M2 kind, or if it was your typical SATA based SSD. I had the game installed on a SATA SSD and it seemed like I got more stutters than when I put it on my Samsung EVO.

Also, you really need to have 16GB RAM if you want to play modern FPS games. 16GB was the norm back in 2014 or so, and it's even more true now. When I play Sandstorm, it typically uses 4GB RAM... and with my background processes using about 11GB... I'm using just about half of my RAM while actively playing according to Resource Monitor.

I've also noticed that with Textures @ High, it'll use up about 7GB VRAM (although I imagine it'll use as much VRAM as possible, since it is faster than fetching it from your storage device or system memory). My CPU tends to hover around 30-50% usage while playing.

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I'm planning to take a good look at the graphic setting when I get back. I'll offer a proper update on my performance within a few days or so.

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op you have a serious cpu bottleneck, you're using a trash cpu with a moderate mid tier gpu.

get a better processor like a intel i7 4790k, stay away from amd/ati, they're really bad especially if you use them with their competitors hardware by nvidia or intel.

@gibra2654 sounds like you might have a bottle neck on your internet service. I run a GTX 1070 and an overclock i5 and running on 1440 at 100htzs on mostly high settings and getting a solid 60-80 frames

@cream-cheese said in Insurgency: Sandstorm:Very poor Optimization:

@banani2804 well I can't post a link to the thread since it was in the Alpha, but I'll copy the steps. This is not my discovery, credit goes to doubletapdan.

"For all Nvidia users go to Nvidia Control Panel - Manage 3D Settings - Add Program - Insurgency Sandstorm (If not in drop-down list, search for it under steam apps/common, files) under features 'Threaded optimization' turn on. Power Management Mode - Prefer Maximum Performance!"

Thank you very much!
It was impossible for me to play the Beta, now it's ok!