Wishlist's for new features for Sandstorm. Round 2.

Hey all. I understand that Sandstorm won't be coming to console sometimes next year on Q1 2019. I have a couple neat idea I want to suggest for console players as we continue to playtest the game. On a side note, no leak screenshot for Sandstorm will be revealed from the closed alpha. Everything should be good from here.

With further adieu, allow me to showcase some neat features I want to see for console release for Sandstorm.


BTW, there was a Smash Bros. direct that did mention a couple a couple neat game settings if you look it up on Youtube.

I kinda like your retro fps ideas. They are niche ideas though. I mean, it's cool to play with some friends outside the school cafeteria, but the chances of these features being implemented is pretty low.

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