server issues

After every single match ends I don't get an join next map option I have to choose it myself and then it seems to put me in a new server all together with about 5 people in the whole game.

Also when I do manage to join a game with a full lobby I basically end up at the end of the game and then same thing happens again or it cant find a game when there are 1,400+ players online.

Anybody else having this issue.??

One of my friends is currently having issues with the servers as well. He tried multiple times to connect to working servers, but he could not join at all. It kept on timing him out or just not connecting at all.

Had the same in alpha aswell. Probably a known issue.

see I didn't get it in alpha at all...if anything it ran smoother for me in alpha than it does now...lag spikes and frame drops as low as 15 in the last 1/2 hour of playing

About the smothness, same here^^ When alpha runs better than beta, insurgency Live 😉

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