Unable to find game.

Just like in the Alpha you're unable to find game after 10 seconds of trying. Also there are no player counts for any mode. I've tried ticking all the search filters on/off and it doesn't help. Relaunching the game doesn't help. Rebooting the PC doesn't help. Can't you already fix the bug which has been around since June?

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To be honest, the beta feels more buggy than the alpha. U could find servers in alpha and sometimes u started with only 8 players. 5min later the server was full. Now i almost cant find any servers or end in a 8 player match, till both rounds are over.

I have been having the exact same problem as well...how can the alpha run smoother than the beta lol

like, no one is connected to me 0_1533853064843_a5dda65a-8c04-41d8-8a84-3756c5eca55e-image.png

Ditto, unable to find a game whether coop or pvp.

Weird because I managed to join in on some pvp fun yesterday. 😕

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