Iyagovos, must be going bugshit...

this guy is getting pounded with all kinds of questions, on things he has answered a billion times. About this DLC.
__My take is this...
__he doesn't know, or is not authorized to say. And it seems to me that he's got a ton of patience. i asked my question, got a truthful response, and now I wait.. just my two cents __Rufus

Well said, thanks for this post.

@rufus yep, people like Iyagovos have a tough job. i have seen this happen so many times before. Hein, Marijn, Flanna, etc... from Oovee forum had a heck of a time with the silliness there in the day. will say though that focus does seem to have their stuff together better, so seems things are "easier" or "less drama" shall we say these days.

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