Optimization ?

If you guys have been working on optimization since the last alpha, sorry but it really doesnt show. You really need to get this sorted by release or Steam reviews and refunds will crucify you.

The optimization is better than alpha.

@8k2ixjason said in Optimization ?:

The optimization is better than alpha.

Nope, i got better FPS and less lag on CTA. I think they broke the optimization on this Beta.

@facknrite The scope quality is higher in Beta. If you have a scope you will get worse performance unless you turn down the scope quality. Otherwise I am perfectly fine in the game and actually get little to no stuttering with a nice 50-60 FPS on medium-high-very high settings which is similar to something like PUBG early access but even smoother and at a much better graphics fidelity.

And if you think I have something like 1080ti 8700k, I'm actually pretty far from that. I have a RX 580 and Ryzen 7 1700, the RX 580 is only factory OC'd, and the 1700 is only OC'd to 3.75Ghz. And I'm playing on 1440p. Finally, 50-60 FPS is what I get on the laggier maps on ins2 anyway, so I actually don't feel too much decrease in performance going to Sandstorm.

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@2001zhaozhao well i guess you are lucky to be able to notice some improvements, at least it work well for you. For me if i have to choose i will stuck with alpha cause it was running better than this version. I could join and play every single map in CTA here the only map i can join and still lag is Refinery, Farmhouse sometimes and Hideout never, always a connection to server timed out, or EAC Authentication failed or the game crashes.

@facknrite For me it's better than Alpha.

@8k2ixjason No. It was significaly better in the alpha.

For me it's worse than alpha, I used to get around 60-100 fps on lowest settings. Now I get 50-60 but it's very stuttery.

Overall performance is much worse than in the Alpha for me. The Alpha ran not "great" but it ran okay. I had the occasional drops in the framerate but the beta now runs worse and it runs worse all the time.

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