Explosive spam

I feel like there is a ridiculous amount of explosive spam from the AI. It feels totally unbalanced, please knock it down a notch, it’s currently ruining the game for me and my squad.

They should be more reluctant to use explosives and fire support and should only use it if they sense that the opportunity is right. Right now they will spam it absolutely any time after they see you, even if 5 other enemies are shooting at you and you could be already dead, and it's ridiculous.

They don't only spam but react extremely fast while camping, sniping you within a milisecond of you walking into a room.

Agreed man, I have no problem with it if it’s tactical but it’s just ridiculous if you are on the insurgent side especially. I literally died 7 times in a row from explosive spam in one match, twice right when I spawned, not cool man.

I have a theory on this. BOTs set to spam nades, so we can see tons of dismemberment. 😜 I've seen it, you can turn it down now.

Anyone ever die of bullets? I mostly just explode.

A lot of comments here are exaggerated in my eyes. these things happen but not that often. I feel like most of these comments are fueled by "the moment" they happened.

Yeah right. Fighting against Security is a noob tube nightmare. It's the majority of our deaths which is obviously very disappointing each time.

Having played the alpha, the explosive spam, when on the insurgent side is completely out of proportion to what it was and what it should be. It happens every game, just random explosion after explosion and not in a tactical way. It seems when you’re on the security side it’s much more balanced so I’m good with that side.

@max80 sorry no... I have counted how many times I died of explosions vs bullets... seriously 90% of the time it's explosives that kill me. Insurgency: Michael Bay edition, needs a bit of a tweak really.

Enemies with GLs will shoot you with them on sight, regardless of self-preservation or TKs.

I have walked into a cramped room with an enemy GL that shot a grenade, and wiped me as well as all of the other enemies in the room. The GL enemy killied 4 of his friendlies just to get me.

Also I am in the same boat as people above being killed more by explosives than bullets.

There is too many explosives, AI don't care to get kill by their own explosives either. They need to either reduce the ammount of them ot not let AI use them at all.

Frickin security noob tubes man... It was basically the only way I died. Walk around a corner and BOOM. Look at one bad guy and BOOM. Just chilling in a corner and BOOM. Ive had enough! The very second the y see you, they instantly destroy you and themselves with their stupid noob tubes! Now that I am done ranting.

They seriously need to reduce the amount of grenade launchers the security bots use, or reduce their accuracy significantly.

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