Lost connection to server

Whenever I try to join a game after the game loads 90+ %, I receive a lost connection to server error,
Over the last two hours, this occurred 100% of the time,
The game is therefore unplayable for me.

Addendum: Still unplayable

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Same issue. Can't connect because of this "Lost connection to server" problem.

Same man ... tell us if u got any news or fix

me too problem..how any news?

Same I was really looking forward to this game

Exactly the same thing is happening to me. I'm checking all possible threads for a solution but still cant seem to find one. Pretty annoying...

same me. i try to play but end with lost connection

I only have this issue when joining the map Hideout, oddly enough.

I'm wondering if it has to be with how long the map takes to load. I got it in all maps, all the servers I tried to join, so I never got to try the game. Takes probably 1 1/2 minutes to load a map for me and then I get greeted with the lost connection message. I'm only running a normal HDD, so I guess that's why it takes "forever" to load.

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