TAA antialiasing artifacts in scope

There is currently significant visual artifacts when using scopes with TAA antialiasing.

This screenshot is taken with no antialiasing enabled. Notice that the image is quite crisp and there are no artifacts. (I am actually really impressed that you guys managed to make the scope zoomed render actually fit the screen pixels and produce such an amazingly clear effect!)

This screenshot is taken with Very High antialiasing (TAA). There is significant temporal artifact in foliage when moving your view, as you can see in this screenshot (taken while moving the mouse quickly). This issue does not occur without zooming in with a scope.

My scope detail settings are on High. Note that even the passive amount of scope movement due to sway can less-noticeably introduce this artifact, so it's a pretty urgent visual glitch that can really affect the look of the game and should certainly be fixed ASAP.

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I wish you had the option to choose different types of anti aliasing.

I'm also experiencing this very same issue on my box with a RX 560 gpu.

Those aren't "artifacts" in the scope. TAA just draws a second layer of materials over everything, and if it's not set up properly by tech artists, it looks like a blurry mess of garbled trash. Which is why I just want to set mine to SMAA and be done with this whole mess.

This is just standard for UE4.

I'm trying to research how to edit the ini simply to force SMAA instead of TAA because I cannot stand this type of AA in any game ever.

Focus, help!

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