To replicate the current buggy behavior:

  • You hold down Shift + W to start sprinting.
  • While sprinting, you hold right click to bring up your sights. Your character continues to move forward slowly because Shift + W is held down.
  • You release right click to lower your sights.

Right now, doing this simply causes your character to walk forward, even though the sprint key is still held down, whereas you would expect your character to start sprinting again. It's quite a big annoyance in close quarters and should be fixed ASAP.

Also, the game acts rather unexpectedly when you do this as well:

  • You bring up your sights with right click, and some time before or after you bring up the sights, you hold W to start moving forward.
  • You press your sprint key to hold breath forgetting that W is held down.

This currently causes you to sprint even though one would expect it to do nothing:

  • It should only make you sprint if your ADS key is set to Toggle and you deliberately press Shift + W in quick succession with the intention to sprint forward. (This is debatable but some people could appreciate it)
  • If your ADS key is on Hold, it should not let you sprint in any circumstance and only make you start sprinting when you release the ADS key and still have Shift + W held down.

This same glitch has been bugging me in other UE4 games like PUBG (which only recently fixed the issue), and I hope the devs here at Ins:Sandstorm can see and fix this before the game releases.

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