Optimization worse than Alpha, South American servers and hit register.

The truth is that I was surprised that when playing with the same hardware specifications, in the Beta I can not exceed 40-50 fps, even lowering the graphic quality. I never imagined that optimization would be worse in Beta than in Alfa. Of course I do not lose sight of the fact that this is going to improve, it's just a situation that I did not really expect.
Another thing with which I found problems, and comes from the hand of not existing yet Latin American or South American servers, is the subject of the ping that of course is extremely high. However, I read in the chats during games that people are noticing that they shoot and do not hit at close range, I guess this has to do with the ping but it caught my attention because no one complained about that during the Alpha (or at least I have not I read nothing about it). Today i played a bit and notices that shooting a guy on the face doesn´t killed him, maybe it´s the ping, maybe there are problems with the hit register i don´t really know but i wanted to express it as a concern .

I've noticed several situations as well, in which carefully aiming down-sights onto a stationary target, using single shots, standing still, clear line of sight, it seemed not to register the damn bullets. One time, it took about 20 shots in such a situation. The Bot insurgent didn't even run away, I was simply unable to hit him, although I absolutely should have. I stood behind a broken wall, but had absolutely clear sight on the whole enemy body. Maybe invisible walls / too rough building mesh for physics calculation?

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