During a match, there was a capture point which when captured would allow you to resupply; I was unable to resupply from the loadout menu, I was only able to resupply after a death. Un-replicatable.

During truck transport during the 15 second match start, if you're in the menu and quickly leave, the engine audio doppler freaks out and starts from a hilariously high pitch.

This may count as a gameplay thing, so I'll repost just this over there if need be.
But; given that some people during this beta may have hardware that is under recommended spec, it should be noted that AI difficulty shouldn't be at "launch" levels. I feel they should be left mostly dumb until the latter part of the test, so that we aren't getting aimbotted with reaction times that would make MLG players shudder. I have had a few instances so far where I've had sub-30fps and have been aimbotted by the AI.