Installed to SSD

  1. Game runs like garbage, doesn't matter what I put my settings to, from very high to very low I only gain 10fps and still can't hit 60. Graphics and processor are NOT the issue at all. My graphics card is running between 50-65% utilization majority of the time. Processor is running in the 80-85% range. There is absolutely no way to maintain a decent framerate.

  2. Taunts suck. Example: "GET ON THE GROUND, NOW!" - Not a cop. Actually most of them are pretty bad. Voices in first game were much better.

  3. Keep hearing insurgent voices coming from US soldiers / announcer.

  4. Overall volume is a little low. Original Insurgency I have to turn my volume to 70% with headphones and gunshots are very, VERY loud. I have everything on 100% in this game, literally cannot increase my volume more, and it's at maybe 80% of what I hear in Insurgency at 70% volume.

  5. Too many graphical glitches to list atm.

I'm aware that this is beta, but did you guys even bother testing this in-house before releasing this build to us? The game is a month out from release. I really hope you're able to fix it because it seems like a big improvement from the first in terms of graphics, maps, etc. but I'm pretty disappointed right now, and I really want to like this game, was super excited for it. I'm refunding for now because I'm worried too much time in the beta will make me ineligible since the game is listed in Steam as Insurgency: Sandstorm and NOT Insurgency: Sandstorm BETA (another mistake). If it is fixed at launch I will repurchase. Thanks for reading, seems like you have a lot of work ahead of you!