So the game looks good so far, but the thechnical aspect is a disaster. The FPS is meagre most of the time, and the FPS drops and microfreezes make it even worse. i5 4590, GTX970, 12 gigs of RAM. Not the besterest rig out there, but should more than suffice at running the game at 60 FPS at least. Then there are the many bugs with the matchmaking ("unable to find server" error message 8 out of 10 times, competitive matchmaking not working at all), but these are things that are kinda okay in a closed bet, at least if they get fixed asap.

All that aside, the coop mode is suprisingly engaging, and the gunplay feels smooth and satisfying, but they're pretty hard to enjoy at 15-20 FPS. The game needs major optimization and needs it bad.