This article that i wrote is mainly to provide your average feedback, bugs, gameplay issues, and other things. To start off, as you all might already know the preformance issues in this game are really bad, but still playable and enjoyable. People with superior graphics cards get less frames then i do, I met Operator Drewski in - game, i know whats inside of his PC and i can tell you that most of the things in it are faster then what i have, yet i get a higher framerate than him. Which doesnt make much sense. Secondly, id like to say that the rockets in this game need to travel a bit faster. i was peeking through a doorway with a rocket, clicked to fire it, i heard the sound for the rocket leaving the tube so i returned back to the left side of the doorway. Everything is fine, right? Well the rocket hit the left side of the doorway that i was standing infront of, so it killed me instead of traveling to the target. Althoguh this may of been lag, which ill cover in a second, ive seen this happen with rpgs and at4s multiple times. Thirdly, LAG. Sometimes the lag is so bad ive teleported in the open when one second ago i was in cover. Hopefully improvememnts can be made on server lag and what not. And fourthy, jsut some minor, non gamechanging bugs ive experinced. At the loadout screen when i was adding attachments to the aks 74u i think its called, there were two of them inside of each otherfacing opposite directions, so 2 aks74s inside of each other, one facing one way and the other facing the opposite. After people die, when you spectate them in third person thier skin is pitch black. See image. 0_1533847492965_20180809131323_1.jpg And one last thing is that i think the hit indicators (when you take a hit blocked by armour/fatal hit) need to be to the point where i can tell them apart, like in the original insurgency. ehn you take a fatal hit, the indicator is red. When you take a hit blocked by body armour, it is blacked out. And the LAST LAST thing is that when you're driving, your pov is really weird, you can see your chest and shoulders when you're looking straight forward. Mabye adjust that a bit. Other than that im exited for the full game and all the improvements!