First of all, thanks for the game. Overall, IT IS GOOD! Now, some issues:

  1. Scopes. They are horrible. Blurred and distorted holosights... why? Looks like u used сhinese copy of EOTech as the reference. The big problem here - it gives a high load on the eyes and makes players tired.

  2. Hit registration. I am not 100% sure about it, but it feels like sometimes bots don't get the damage. I had a moment today when I sprayed half of the mag directly in the bot's body and nothing happened.

  3. PVE. It is good! But please, add more random to enemy locations, spawn positions. Also, enemies almost never come from behind. I think it is a really important thing because it leads to a teamplay & cooperation (e.g someone should look behind and cover)

  4. Animations & UI. Right now they look like u just took animations from your previous game. It really breaks the feeling of the real military game. It's time to improve it!

GL! U are awesome!