Quick list of things I've noticed so far while playing with a party of 4. I understand these may be known/already in the works.

  1. The 'searching for game' timer only counts up for the leader of the party and not for the party members.
  2. Sometimes there is no hit detection for an enemy player. i.e. have shot 10 rounds semi-auto into someone from 15 metres away and NONE of them have hit. From what I can tell this may be happening after someone does a run-and-slide. Perhaps the animation bugs out the hitbox? Although this has happened once when I was behind someone who was significantly closer. I'm not the kind of person who blames their atrocious aim on the game. There is literally no way these rounds could have missed.
  3. Some maps have terrain/rocks that are misplaced vertically causing them to float above the map. Print-screen didn't work so I lost it unfortunately.


  1. First and foremost: different colour GUI markers for people in your party so that you can see where they are and get to them quicker i.e. green instead of blue.
  2. More warning before being unable to shoot after the enemy takes an objective in push and you end up being behind enemy lines.