Multicore Rendering Option in Video Settings?

Most games that are out use the Multicore Rendering option to allow more cores to run with the game and increase the FPS of the game. The original Insurgency has that very option, but this version does not. If you guys added in Multicore Rendering, it can definitely help out the FPS issues that everyone is having currently. It might take awhile to configure that sort of settings, but it will be worth the extra time to implement that setting into the game.

Most if not all modern games use multiple cores by default. The old insurgency had that option because it ran on source, which was an ancient engine and there still were single cores at the time.

Most games, no matter what engine they run on, allow the option to disable or enable Multicore Rendering. It's best to have that option either way for people.

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-USEALLAVALIABLECORES in steam launch options.

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This simply isn't a necessary option for Unreal Engine 4 games. Most games do not offer this option, you are referring to Source-engine based games, which introduced it half way through the engine lifecycle and therefore had the option to disable it.

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