Gun Nuts Report In

What do you own?
What do you want?
How do the in-game guns compare?

Pics encouraged; Fudds need not contribute.

Here's my nightstand M&P40c, got a great deal on it from a local collector.
alt text
Still haven't taken it to the range yet (will soon) but I imagine it handles similar to the pistols in-game: difficult as hell. But hey, still better than a sharp stick... 😁

I wanted an SKS but now that they're running ~$350 I'm starting to think a bargain bin AR-15 is the better choice.

My Deadpool Glock 19 from the factory 😃
Glock 19!

Damn, I didn't know a red glock could be so sexy... 👌

@doghead said in Gun Nuts Report In:

Damn, I didn't know a red glock could be so sexy... 👌

Thanks bud haha. It came from the factory like this for their marvel series.

Here's a few of my firearms:

My most recently completed AR, trying out a Radical Firearms complete upper.

Only bolt-action I own, a Ruger Gunsite Scout.

My every day carry setup, S&W M&P9, G-Code holster, Esstac Kywi mag holder.

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