Graphics bug

My game runs with graphics that look like they haven't loaded in yet. I've tried messing with the settings (turning everything to medium, low, etc.) to no avail. I've also tried waiting, restarting, and even re-downloading. I don't know if it's just my computer since I haven't seen others with the issue. 1_1533875863718_20180809230530_1.jpg 0_1533875863718_20180809230708_1.jpg

@barrikada Okay, i've noticed that we both have Nvidia graphics cards in the 600's. I personally have a GT 635. My brother has a GT 735M and it works swell. I think it's just a graphics card issue.

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Seems the cards are very under-powered and lacking the needed video card memory space needed to load the textures.

@gutter What do you recommend as an upgrade?

I think a gtx 1050 ti or better gtx 1060 would be a good upgrade For you and if you don’t have the money For it look for 900 series graphics card

@dutchpowernl Thanks! I'm looking at a EVGA GTX 1050TI. Should I get a dual or single fan? Thanks again!

It depends on the airflow in your case and the size of your case a dual fan card Will Produce less heat so if you are planning to oC your card i should go For a dual fan gtx 1050 ti

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