AI bots noob tubing too OP

Really really need to balance the noob tubing

It´s called a grenade launcher and i would do the same if i have the same amounts of grenades. And dont say you would not do the same to suvive.

@tourist he's talking about grenade launcher spam from the AI in co op

oh that makes sense, its a bit much. didn't hear the term before.

Not just noob tubes. Explosives in general. More than 50% of deaths in co-op are to grenade launchers. Very often the AI will just fire a barrage of grenades shooting at the same time, all 5 of them. Sometimes it feels like a single AI with a grenade launcher is able to fire 5 grenades at the same time.

The very first thing that needs to be addressed is grenade safety mechanism. They are not supposed to explode until they fly a couple of meters. Right now an enemy AI just strolls into a room, get's shot 3 times and is 1 bullet away from death but manages to fire a grenade killing everyone inside including themselves.

They act exactly like suicide bombers, except with an instant explosion making them a hundred times more effective.

Its a real problem I just ran into this a few minutes ago. I feel like they have no reload and its almost automatic. The AI must have spammed about 3 tubes with a few seconds with laser precision.

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