Feels like you didn't learn from old shortcomings.

Not to rag on the old game or even the new one, I was one of the best insurgency players there was but there were glaring issues in that game that made a massive and unwanted come back in the new game and need to be addressed before launch. I love the old Insurgency and love how it felt and this game just feels like the old game with new paint, almost like a chinese port, 1-1 with slight changes so it's not copywrite.

Issues of old in the new:
False reloads.
Anti rockets.
Model and hitbox mismatch at high ping.

Issues of new:
Large maps with no lanes means no one is safe on defence.
No clear squad indication leaves players questioning team members.
Stange buy menu leave me scratching my head.
Nonsense unlocks.
US and security forces should use 5.56 GREEN TIP BY DEFAULT!
Can climb a window, can climb a waste high, can't climb a head high wall.

Explanation of the old issues:
False reloads were so notorious in Insurgency that many from the hard core community would express that it is a stable "Welcome to Insurgency, check your mag twice before you run, stand, crouch, laydown, eat a hot pocket, kiss your wife, kick a dog… You know what, just use your pistol until that’s empty too.".

The legendary Anti rocket glitch, oh boy, where to start… Launching a rocket in video games is as easy as point and click, simple as that, but here in insurgency land we need to make sure that every part of the rocket is in pristine condition and double check that the safety is off before we can be sure that it will launch. “Kitty, what in the holy hell are you talking about” I SAW FIRE GOD DAMN IT, IT SHOULD HAVE LAUNCHED!

Ever play with someone from england and they seemed like a kewl guy and you have a nice chat, then the next round he is on the other team and for whatever reason, unless he is standing perfectly still you can’t even touch him? Yeah, fix your shit.

Explanation of new issues (I’ll make it sort, I promise):
Large maps are fun but having a limit on how far the defending team can push to defend makes it a nightmare for defenders, no one wants to get shot in the back after leaving spawn. I don’t even have a solution for this (bad map design?)

There are clearly two squads on each team but there is no clear distinction of who is what squad and it really doesn’t sell it for me to see a bunch of faceless nobodies in a game then to have them disappear at the end of the game. The lack of clear squads and the fact you can’t keep playing on the server makes meeting people a nightmare.

I went to go buy a weapon and put some attachments on it, then it went into another screen for the gun, there was no way back except for the ESC, the points were arbitrary as there were so many I didn’t really need to pick what I wanted. Honestly, it’s just weird.

“AHHHHH!” “OhhRockets outhhhhh” “NeMan downreloadinged a bombTaDamn itkingfireardmeFuck fuck fucknt on this location” Jesus god of fucking dersolum, the autable spam is nutty. I like that people interact with one another but the level of interaction is so high that people are yelling over one another and most make no real tactical sense others then deafening the person next to you. + for interaction, --- for spam.

Splosions are cool and all but I am too cool to look at explosions so I will be in the corner of the map staring at the ground. Explosive spam is… You played, you know.

I have been playing insurgency religiously and even streaming quite a lot of it but I never stopped to think to myself “man, I wish there was something to keep me playing this game” because it was already there, I knew what I wanted, I knew what I liked and I played the shit out of this game. You want to do unlocks, cool, but really all you are doing is filling the game with shit we don’t need. We have been faithful and for you to add this ploy “to keep people engaged” is like a lover going through my phone, I don’t need a reason to stay with you, I love you.

Any US or NATO force uses Green tip ammo, Armor piercing ball rounds, armor would only stop juuuuuuusssssttttt enough but should still kill if hit more then once or twice. I shot a man with heavy armor with an Mk18 from range at least 5 times and he one shots me with an SKS, COMMON!

I jump dis, I valt dat, oh noz, a wall at eye level!

That’s my thoughts, if any of you read this and give enough of a shit to leave a comment or even just TLDR some cliff notes for people that don’t want to read, all for it. Till then you can follow me on Twitch at T.tv/Kittyofpathos , love yo smexy ass and I will see you on the battlefield.

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Also, apparently, helicopters can kill you in spawn when you load in... Oh joy, looks like the spawn killing C4 meta just changed hands.

Command support counts as kills and as TEAM KILLS! Putting out an airstrike only to have a team walk into it and get banned, last time I play as command in coop.

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@kittyofpathos said in Feels like you didn't learn from old shortcomings.:

Command support counts as kills and as TEAM KILLS! Putting out an airstrike only to have a team walk into it and get banned, last time I play as command in coop.

Good point. It should probably be so that TKs in the first X seconds after the airstrike start are on the commander. After X seconds the TKs are not counted because the TK'ed is at fault.

There are not two squads.

@staryoshi06 said in Feels like you didn't learn from old shortcomings.:

There are not two squads.

There are two commanders and if you are one, half of the team is colord, the other half is grayed.

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