Closed Beta is now live! 10/08/2018


Hi everyone,

This week's Closed Beta session is open!

Edit: The Closed Beta is now closed, thanks for playing and see you later this week for more info about the next Beta phase.

If you haven't received a key, don't worry as we send more regularly. Make sure you're registered for the Beta here to receive your key.

What to expect from the Beta?

The team continues to work on your feedback from the previous Beta session. The current priority is to have a smooth experience and matchmaking. Some of you complained about the lack of games played in the last Beta and that's due to a lack of players in some specific regions.

We're trying to bring more players in the Beta to ensure a better experience for everyone - don't hesitate to suggest to your friend to join by registering here.

Please find below this week's changelog:

  • Added Advanced Graphics Options.
  • Added more keybindings.
  • Added handbrakes to vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the player could be immediately killed when an anomaly spawned.
  • Added an additional warning notification 90 seconds before adrenaline infections begin.
  • Increased the time of the helicopter takes to prepare from 60 to 90 seconds.

Quick reminder that the this Beta isn't covered by a NDA, meaning you can share videos, images and info about the game this week. Keep in mind that it's a work-in-progress version of the game, and players may encounter bugs or crashes, that may lower the quality of the in-game experience.

We’d love your help in identifying these bugs, so that we can make the Early Access release version of Fear The Wolves the best that it can be.

Please join the Fear The Wolves official Discord to synchronize with the team and testers.


Where can I share feedback?

Please report technical issues and general feedback on the Fear The Wolves official Forums. Before submitting feedback on the forums please check if there is an existing thread about the topic, or if it is listed in our known issues log.

When providing feedback please try to be as informative as possible, providing information on where and when the issue occurred.

We look forward to seeing you on the servers!

Fear The Wolves Team

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Well, another weekend and still same error as week ago: "invalid version. Client update needed".
What can I do with this ? i want to update client manually, but i can't find that option...

Hey guys.

I recieved a beta e-mail, but steam key is not valid. Hmmm

Your beta keys may be sent to SPAM by GMAIL!
I had one in spam and accidentally deleted it.
How to get it back?

@secret179 said in Closed Beta is now live! 10/08/2018:

Your beta keys may be sent to SPAM by GMAIL!
I had one in spam and accidentally deleted it.
How to get it back?

I've given you the key by private emssage. Cheers!

Hi, I'm here to give some feedback!

I play on an ultrawide monitor (21:9 aspect ratio, resolution: 3440x1440 px).
In the settings it's possible to set the resolution to 3440x1440, but part of the game still stays in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
More specifically:
In the lobby I get a 21:9 ratio, when in the helicopter it's 21:9, but once I'm on the ground it's 16:9 (the rest is black; two black bars on the sides). The UI scales properly and goes to the sides like it should.

It's possible to change different kinds of mouse sensitivity, but the sensitivity on menus cannot be changed.

This was my problem:
I play on 700 DPI, and once I entered the game the menus had perfect sensitivity but the sensitivity in the game was too high, even after I changed "general sensitivity" from 2 to 1.
I changed my DPI to 250 to make the game feel normal on 1x sensitivity, but then the menu sensitivity was extremely low. So I used the DPI button to switch to 1000 DPI when I'm on the menu.

So try tweaking this to make it unnecessary to change sensitivities. My suggestions are:

  • lower ingame sensitivity by default (when sensitivity is at 1x, it should be much lower than what 1x is now)
  • allow changing sensitivity below 1
  • allow more detailed sensitivity changing (0.25 to 3 instead of 1 to 12 or 15) + add buttons for slight adjustments
  • add a setting for menu sensitivity
    These are only multipliers, so if somebody still wants to play on high sensitivity they can use higher DPI or mouse sensitivity settings in Windows.

I hope this helps!

Hmm ok, I'v recive email with steam beta key. it's the same key I'v got after signing to beta tests...
anyway... I'v uninstal game and install it once more time and it's work'd. my question is: every weekend I must uninstall and install it again to play ?

oh. and besides this, wolves are too OP 😛

It's going to start school and I'm in a complicated mood. I've been waiting for two months to give up this game.

Hello dear developers, the game is very good in graphic terms, the weapon is well drawn and has realistic characteristics, except for shotguns, the shooting range is very small, the system for reducing the safe zone is very interesting, but in terms of optimization, just horror, already discourages all desire to play, as on the battlefront 2, and the gempley component is inferior even to fakes pubg, although I may not be able to see it, since I play only with a resolution of 1360 * 767 on a monitor 1920 * 1080 with a graphics card gtx 1 050 and ping from 20 to 40 when walking on the map and 15 in combat, Vostok games, enough to put your unoptimized graphics in this game, work on the gameplay, there are not enough things to drop out, the curve machine, the hand-bank in the lobby and the inability to even change keys on the keyboard for themselves, in general what else to expect from the alpha test, I really hope my review will help your team to make an excellent game!

Доброго Времени Суток!, не могу активировать ключ к игре в стиме, что делать, и как его активировать, если нету кнопки активации игры в этом самом стиме????

@zloy_95 said in Closed Beta is now live! 10/08/2018:

Доброго Времени Суток!, не могу активировать ключ к игре в стиме, что делать, и как его активировать, если нету кнопки активации игры в этом самом стиме????

the lower left corner "ADD A GAME" -"Activate a Product on Steam"

Hello, I have activated your key to the game, downloaded, started to go and gives me this error!0_1534247068244_Screenshot_2.png

Не могу зайти в игру. User restricted by access level. Что делать?


If you are receiving the "user restricted by access level" error, this is because the servers are currently not live.

Okay,a bit more feedback.I apologize if the stuff im going to point have been reported already or if im writing in the wrong section. So far,the game only gets better. By that I mean it runs bit better sadly only on Low settings with everything possible turned off but afterall this is not finished project,the sync between players is improved too.Sometimes the wolves are glitching through the doors,the vechiles are really slow,laggy,bumpy and ther barely have the power to climb even the lowest hill.The game feels bit empty and sometimes you run whole game doing nothing just to reach the end and lose or win,but that's a not big problem.I like how the game challenges me with all those zones with radiation and anomalies that appear randomly.So at the end I can see the improvement,the game still requires more work and polishing but my biggest problem so far is only the wait between every test,for a man which is ADDICTED to this game it's hard to wait for the weekend.

With best regards and good luck,BAZZINGA. 🙂

Hi everybody, I'm not able to get a key, already tried two e-mails and none worked... I have no key 😞

Hey! Did you checked your spam folders? Its possible that FHI emails are sorted as spam for some reason.
hint: do not search for Fear The Wolves but Focus Home Interactive instead. Hope it helps 🙂

Hi all of you,

i try to play but :

![alt text](0_1534498651146_ffe81ef9-89dc-4aa1-8f1e-fc54fdde24f1-image.png image url)

Hi there,

I believe this appears when you're playing with a cracked version of Windows, due to Easy Anti Cheat.