Y just 2 rounds in push?

As an Insurgency player I was expecting the same "race to 3" for win scenario.
This is bugger.
Just 1 round on each side and its over.
Taking more time then I enjoy playing.

I also think games end too fast. And it sucks a lot when you join a game but you join it like 3 seconds late and you have to wait a lot of time until the next wave to respawn.

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agreed ,,, if its the case like in DoI where invasion mode has a LOT of waves, i guess its not a problem ... but since this push mode is very similar to ins1 push, then yeah 2 rounds are indeed lack .

I think the developers purposely made all the P.V.P. game modes short to keep the experience moving from one map to another. I wish they were long too, but IMO, I am sure they are keeping the games short just for Beta

yea if you join game late its pain to be switched back to match screen...

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