Where is vote kick for afk?

Need this ASAP!
Whole match just gets ruined with 1 guy afk at previous spawn.
And server gets emptied.


But it's Beta so they're saving all of the game's features toward the final release. I think the developers believe that whoever is participating in Alpha and Beta are focused to play and won't be AFK, but it happens.

Hate to say it, and I apply this to myself, but we'll have to deal with AFK BS.

It'll be nice to vote kick not only AFkers but cheaters as well.

Just had a game with an AFK. It is annoying and would be an easy fix. AFK the entire match...

I sure hope this is added by round 2 of the beta. This is a must have!

@captainhexagon said in Where is vote kick for afk?:

Dude it is BETA!

Not an excuse. This has been asked over the two last alphas and it's made in an engine that makes it easier.

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