Before i begin, i would like to say the feedback i have given is of my own opinion and fully understand that not everyone may agree with me. Furthermore, i understand the game is still under development and the beta does not represent the final game. Nevertheless, i feel that i have played the beta enough to give feedback in regards to various aspects of the game that may improve the overall experience of the game.

OK enough of that, lets begin:

Frame rate - The frame rate dips bellow 40 fps constantly (running GTX970). There is still some optimisation to be done.

UI - The user interface could be improved for the PC. You could have the menus along the top and selected weapon shows in the middle where users can select parts that can be customised. Perhaps something similar to that of the new game WW3.

Scopes - The scopes can be more detailed for instance, the reticles seem blurry with rough edges. They should be more defined and crisp. Furthermore, the dual rendering of scopes seems low quality even when in game settings is set to high.

Soldier Movement - I am aware that the current models are just place holders, but i thought i just add this in. Perhaps add a mechanic where the soldier can pull himself over walls for some interesting game play.

Map Lighting - We know the capabilities of Unreal Engine and yet the games lighting seems dull and the map lacks proper reflections.

Textures - The map textures could use more work, some areas like the ground and boxes/crates look bland and could use more detail.

Weapons - visually the weapons look incredible, but the weapons lacks detail in terms of muzzle flash and smoke after sustained fire. Would also be nice to see barrels becoming red after sustained fire.

General map ambience - By this i mean the maps feels static/ lacks atmosphere. Perhaps add more ambient noise such as smoke, dust getting kicked up by wind, if there is a fire the flint gets blown by the wind creating a sense of atmosphere thus, making the game experience more immersive.

And finally, i feel like the games don't last long enough to get a decent experience. I have had some games that lasted two minutes.

I understand this may not be to everyone's taste but i believe these additions/improvements would make the overall game experience more enjoyable.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.