Bad Performance

I get 30-50 fps even on lowest settings.
Specs: i5 4590, GTX 970, 11GB Ram DDR3 1333mhz.

I got i5-6600K, 1080ti and 16GB DDR4

I'm getting sometimes as low as 40fps with low settings, 1980x1080. I'm expecting the optimization is ready on launch and I will get steady 60+ fps on high settings. I think this is the single most important thing for the game to succeed.

I'm still hoping for the optimization to come. I've seen streamers who have an i7 and a 1080 Ti and they play at 60 fps with everything set to low.

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yeah i got a random FPS drops 90 to 15

Same experience as this guys:

Yesterday, I experienced heavy frame drops. Today my fps is between 60 and 80 (which is not bad, but it could be better) no matter which graphic settings I choose. But I noticed, that my CPU and my GPU load (CPU 55-60% all time, GPU 40-50%) stays rather low, while I can't get more than 80fps. As soon as a game is over and I get back to menu, my frames and my GPU fans go up like crazy, because the load is 100% than!?
GTX 1080, 6700K (4.4), 16GB 3000Mhz RAM, Win10

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@kloakentier your specs are near exactly the same as me and i get same issues lol
I also use afterburner lol

I m having the same problem frame rate issue and using allot of ram too, I have a 8 core GTX950 8G Ram at first i couldn t play it at first, the FPS was dropping in single numbers Here`s what did to make it more playable
Go into settings and set windows to Full screen windows and apply, this increased my FPS to 60 but it will still drop but not as bad as before. this game need to be optimized for sure.

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