no loadout restrictions in coop please

it would be great not to have the "balancing restrictions" from pvp on the weapon attachments in coop.
I kind of understand why the security don't can attach a foregrip for the akm and some other decisions (for pvp), but it's ridiculous that there is an awesome military with gunships and artillery and they can't put a foregrip on an AKM? But the "poor insurgents" can. Really? at least let me nail a bough on it. (I guess that should be the option for the insurgents, not the military)

imo, the best would be to allow every attachment in coop and get rid of the credits.

Credits should stay in coop.
The 'not attaching foregrip' is probably a bug. Security can't even use the AK in pvp.

@staryoshi06 said in no loadout restrictions in coop please:

Credits should stay in coop.
The 'not attaching foregrip' is probably a bug. Security can't even use the AK in pvp.

Agreed its probably a bug. Don't lose the points in coop, it would steel away some of the immersion. You need to use points to balance your load out. You need to give up something to get something else. Later in the game you may earn the points to get it all.

It's not a bug, it's an intended change for balancing. They didn't only remove the foregrip on the akm for security, there are other attachments for some weapons/classes that are now only available to one side/class. that changed from alpha to beta.

and please show me a loadout that maxes out the weight (which should limit you already).
you can carry a heavy vest, heavy carrier, knife, bino, primary weapon & secondary weapon with attchments and the bar is only 75% full and you have 3 emtpy pockets on your vest. Or you take 3 nades which actually moves the weight to 80%... running still feels like in Sonic the Hedgehog...

Immersion... I'm in a group "going into war", we're beeing prepared, having grenade drones, mortars, rocket barriers or gunships as backup and no "money" for some grenades in your pouches or the extended magazines which lay right beside the normal ones in the ammo crates. Weight seems to be no problem, the bar is only 80% full...
well, for me that breaks immersion... 😉

7 billion humans, 7 billion opinions 😃


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Keep in mind that on release there will be custom servers available. Just like the current Insurgency game, many (most?) of those coop servers customize the loadout points so that you can equip whatever you want. So I wouldn't worry about this. People will customize their servers to suit all types of gameplay styles.

yeah I know, I too have a custom server for Ins2 and think about doing one for Sandstorm.
But I would prefer by default. 😉

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