Gunner Class is so shit

Can't even hit the same target a second shot with m249 or rpk.
The recoil is so high I feel like holding a rocket with my mouse!
Please fix it.

You right about the recoil, it's unrealistically high on the M249, and to say the least the PKM is a tad overboard as well

I assume it's to prevent good players from dominating with the weapons, but it's not the right way to go about it to give them unrealistic recoil

You are supposed to use the machinegun with the bipod, in case you didn't know about it. That's the secret on the gunner. If you were able to use it without any issues while standing like the rest of the weapons, it would be "a bit" overpowered.

What I would like to be changed about this class is more weapon options. It can be a bit boring to be forced to play a single gun.

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Once you get used to the recoil and learn how to manage it the LMGs are pretty powerful. You can't maneuver as much but you can still push objectives.

I agree on more guns, I miss the Galil + Drum Mag from ins2

what do u mean by "supposed to use bipod"?
haven't u played with m249/rpk in insurgency2?

@chraso Maybe they wanted to change the balance of weapons in this game. All weapons had less recoil in Ins2. I have 353 hours in Ins2, and I would say the M249 was a bit overpowered because you could use it without issues while standing.

I don't see the M249 overpowered in Insurgency2 because the gun had a huge weight on it and a large amount of supply point requirement. Not only that, but the muzzle flash in that gun was heavily blinding. You couldn't see jackshit out of it most of the time.

Though the points I described there may be not impacting compared on what kind of player you are, at least the M249 had a proper purpose in insurgency2. Insurgency2 was a very fast paced game and I see that kind of gameplay environment it had was carried on in insurgency sandstorm but with larger environments, making it a little bit slower when it comes to combat now.

The M249 had a controllable amount of recoil that wasn't too low or too much in Insurgency2 which made it both viable and challenging to use.

I don't like the recoil on the LMGs right now because its essentially making them useless in such a CQC based game like insurgency. It also makes suppression of the enemy by using these guns inaccurate and inefficient.

If you think the M249 was OP in insurgency2, then try to think of the MP5K + AP Rounds. That gun dominated almost every scenario in Insurgency.

I want the LMGs in this game to have lower recoil because right now it's like they're ineffective and very vulnerable. You're better off switching off to a rifleman class to support your team.

One thing I'd like to add on is the recoil is very over-exaggerating when it comes to the LMGs. Like jesus christ dude how can a 5.56 LMG with a heavy enough weight to counter recoil to have the recoil of an auto-firing 10 gauge shotgun?

Firing from standing with a heavy gun like the M249 would be very hard to control. This has always been my favoured gun and I have found it just as usable in the new format. Small bursts or fire from crouch and it is very usable. Prone with bi pod its deadly. Just a shame the reload is like you are on sedatives.

FYI TallsFalls, I have 2200+hrs in insurgency.
And if any how u can chk status i have used every weapon in-game very effectively.

And m249 isn't overpowered at all, if u compare it to FAL, which has almost same weight, has the least recoil and can be very accurate without fore-grip!

Correct ur facts.

to use light machine guns you lay prone and use a bipod, or when crouched you use focus and burst fire it, you can't legit expect to be running about with a lmg thinking its a smg, the recoil is fine, your use of the weapon is not.

I think the PKM doesn't have enough recoil when firing without using the bipod. 7.62x54R is stout round and if you ever shot a Mosin in real life, you know it kicks like a mule if you don't mount it correctly on your shoulder.

Youtube Video

The 5.56 m249 HAS a lot of recoil IRL. A lot. Mostly because it's very light.

I just mowed down like 13 people in one life with the SAW... You just have to adjust your playstyle.. though it's even pretty insane when firing from the hip in close quarters.

PKM has lower recoil in comparsion to IRL one. trust me i'm an engineer I had practice with that in army. 3-4 rounds burst max while undeployed in standing or crouching stance.

lol ur not using it right

ur supposed to use the bipod, if u get into a good position its really OP

My personal experience was that RPK PKM (Add RPK devs, pls, wot r u doin) was challenging but fun to control while standing but makes for great room cleaner from the hip. (You are supposed to deploy it) and that the M249 is just an awesome killing machine you can snipe people with AND you can deploy it to increase killability of your opponents.

And @Mainfold haha your comment AND your signature are a hilarious combination... And this is not a compliment.

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Imo, the LMGs in this game are easier to shoot standing than in Insurgency2 by far, to the point where I'm quite able to use gunner as my main class.

I just ran the gunner yesterday for the first time I guess I'm using my 249 correct, not much recoil at all. It's a frigin laser of doom when prone or mounted to something. With short controlled bursts works great standing. My guess, you have 2x or more magnification on yours, try irons. At 2x that recoil is also magnified in your view.

@andy-fee said in Gunner Class is so shit:

Firing from standing with a heavy gun like the M249 would be very hard to control. This has always been my favoured gun and I have found it just as usable in the new format. Small bursts or fire from crouch and it is very usable. Prone with bi pod its deadly. Just a shame the reload is like you are on sedatives.

You clearly have never fired one and don't get general physics.. the gun is heavy, and its weight counteracts the most of the recoil forces and force of moving parts in it, why do you think a .22LR rifle has almost no felt recoil compared to the size of the weapon, but if you have a .22LR pen-gun it will have noticeable snappy recoil?

The M249 in Sandstorm even while using a bipod has more recoil than it should, as it would only yield micro-shakes from the vibrations of the weapon while shooting on even the standard stamped sheet-metal bipods they come with.

The way the M249 in Sandstorm behaves, is closer to a Mk.48 than a M249/FN Minimi. At most, it should have first-shot recoil, and that's about it in terms of the majority of recoil the weapon will have, past that it's just reward forces pushing the user back.

Edit: just to add onto it, the M249 weighs 7.1kg unloaded, so everyone in the thread acting like it's a light weapon have never lugged one around, and the 5.56x45mm is not a heavy recoil round at all lol, so I don't get where people are getting their claims from. I assume most people here have not fired one in a military setting like I have.
But, on the topic of the PKM, the recoil while using a bipod is pretty accurate (to the extent you can't really simulate rearward-push from the recoil while using a bipod), but it does have a substantial force from the first round as you get the force of the bolt going home and firing off the first round and then corresponding recoil, so it's a weapon that gets easier to control over longer periods of sustained fire. Though this also matters based on which version you're firing irl.

Point of note though on the PKM in Sandstorm, it VASTLY differs how it behaves depending on the fatigue/stamina levels (as well as if it's pvp mode or coop). If you have no stamina left, it is wild and hard to use, if you have full stamina it's a bit too easy to use, so that might be something I'd like the devs to address on it, give it a slight bit less controllability in optimal setting being still for ages or walking slow (and firing it unsupported), but it's a bit overboard at max fatigue levels.

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