Twice now it has happened, where my shots do not do damage UNLESS I have an optic equipped

As simple as that, at first I thought it was latency, but started to get encounters where I ran into still-standing targets that were not aware of my presence. Without an optic equipped I could unload the entire mag in them, see blood-splatter and dust-impacts from the wall behind them, only to have them turn around after and shoot me once and kill me.. then getting the same type of encounter with an optic and dropping them in the first shot.

No idea how this could even happen, and it's not like I'm behind cover and the barrel being below a wall while the optic is above, because that would have been the opposite scenario.

On another but related note; please bring back the bug-report thing in the menus, it was a nice way to report the bug as it was happening without having to go to the forum to report it