1. FPS is too unstable at the moment jumping between 60-100, (GTX 1080, 6700k OC 4.5ghz, 32gb ram)

  2. Jumping over walls or through windows is not smooth, I find I have to stop sprinting just to have a line the vault up

  3. Currently I like the feel of the movement aside from the above comment, the running feels good and the shooting feels good too.

4.Flanking should be strong as this is how I remember winning a lot of push maps in the MOD, flanking makes the defending team have to spread their numbers out and can leave areas just weak enough to push through i remember this on Sinjar.

  1. This is specific to Alpha players, are we going to have a rank reset after the beta? because I'm at level 21, I don't have any of the skins I unlocked in the alpha but i have my level and the slower level progression.