[BUG]Game launches in Borderless even when Fullscreen is selected in options

The game launches in borderless, even if you have Fullscreen selected.

It has all the tell tale signs of borderless, Start menu covers the game, OBS immediate captures it instead of hooking to it and no screen tearing with uncapped FPS. The mouse also feels floaty and FPS gets sluggish at times.

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Reproduction Steps.

  1. Set game to Fullscreen
  2. Exit game
  3. Launch game
  4. Game is now in borderless, hit your windows key, it will cover the game. WIndows key in UE4 games, when running in Fullscreen, should only bring your mouse up.
  5. Switch mode to borderless, nothing will happen, because it was already in borderless.
  6. Switch mode to fullscreen, screen will flash and game will now be in fullscreen.

You have to switch it every time you launch the game.

Agreed!! I cant get true fullscreen to work at all.

If i can move mouse pointer to my 2nd monitor it is not true fullscreen

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That is a little bit different, you can move the mouse to your other monitor in Unreal Engine 4 games, even while in Fullscreen. In PUBG for example you can hit your Windows Key and it will bring your cursor up, allowing you to navigate your other monitor without having to alt+tab.

The developers can choose to restrict the mouse to the boundaries of the application but by default when your cursor is visible you can move outside of the window.

So even when running in Exclusive Fullscreen you can click outside, that is why it is hard to determine if you are actually in Fullscreen. If the game minimizes when you launch something underneath it you know it is in Fullscreen, if the app overlays on top it is in borderless.

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This will go a long way in improving game performance for folks. Getting it running in actual FS mode should boost the frame rate. Perhaps even considerably, depending on the video cards.

Good catch, IMHO.

I don't remember the bug being in the first closed alpha, but the most recent one it was there and carried over into the beta. I reported it in the alpha, hopefully it gets some traction now that we are in the beta and focusing on optimization.

Raising awareness before the beta ends

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