Just as the title says. I was spectating a player after the grenade spam killed me and I saw a bot fire a grenade at one player and immediately turned and fired a second at the player I was spectating.

While I am enjoying the game I feel this grenade launcher spam is worse than the RPG sniping in the alpha since it only needs to land close to you. I would also love to see fewer bots with grenade launchers. The players team can only get one, perhaps since the bots are a larger 'team' they should get two? It seems or at least feels like every other bot has one and maybe 30-50% of all deaths I see in co-op are caused by grenade launchers.

Part of this I think is because the bots can and do turn on a dime and fire at you. This is fine when they're just firing their guns since it usually takes more than one hit to kill you which gives you the time to drop them. However when you walk into a room and you see an AI the split second between registering a target and firing you're already dead and so are any poor sods who decided to follow you.