Way too much explosions in COOP

Bots throw to many grenades.
it's like you go in a room Boom. you walk over the map Boom.
and they never miss/time it wrong.
it feels like explosions out of nowhere
and they exesively use the underbarel grenade launcher

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The RPG's and Grenades are fine, there's always a good advance warning. The underbarrel spam though... Died to it three times CONSECUTIVELY in the last game I played. Wouldn't mind seeing it reduced a bit.

I feel like you get more explosives coming your way if you play the commander, sniper or machinegunner classes but that's just a theory...

i think it should be reduced alot not a bit

It doesn't help that the bots shoot you at close range with grenade launcher either, even point blank at times...

I don't like being bombed from the air when I'm inside a building that we are capturing. It's just silly, there is just not much (if anything?) you can do about it. I rarely die from bullets, it's usually some random ass bombs that kills me, seems bit over the top.

PLEASE HOT-fix it ASAP it's so crazy!
75% of my deaths are from 40 mm grenade spamm from bots

in multiplayer it seems grenade throws are usually more luck a lot of the time as you sort of just throw in the general direction, where as the bots seem to have a pretty good idea where to place their grenades, and are quite accurate as well.
That being said it makes sense to utilize your grenades and explosives all the time as they are obviously effective.

I made a post about "death by random explosion" yesterday.

If we can't even identify what it is that's blowing us up, how can we learn to avoid it?

Along with fire support, there's just so much random death that has no relation to your skill.

I don't like being killed randomly by grenade spamming bots either, but I don't like being game too easy much more. Little bit tweaking to distance of rocket spam could be helpful.

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