A couple of suggestions.

I was in the Alpha and now the Beta and I have a couple of things I would like to suggest.

I mainly play Co-op so this is where I will focus my attention.

The first thing I noticed when I played was that there were a lot of sudden deaths due to explosions. This is due to the AI grenade launcher spam (iv made a post about it already since they dont need to reload between shots). I would like to suggest that fewer AI carry grenade launchers. At the moment it feels like a large amount (maybe upwards of 30%) of the AI team carry them where as only one member of the human team can. This feels wrong to me honestly.

Second will be arming the caches. I have a couple of ideas. Demolitions should be able to rig them faster than any other class. Much much faster, even if it takes a point for some kind of diffuse kit or tool kit. Also any kind of incendiary device should need to burn longer before a cache detonation. This last point will help teams players clear the area before it blows since the blast radius is massive now.

I would also like to suggest an attachment for all magazine fed weapons - Magpul. It could cost two or one I dont mind but the reloads are leisurely to say the least. These are trained troops there is no way they reload that slowly. I understand for VS but in co-op there is no need for it to be so slow. Especially the 'fast reload' Its marginally faster but not nearly fast enough for a quick reload.

It would also be fantastic to have a 3 point optic option. A flip to side red dot/EOTech/Cobra. The combined utility of a 1x and a 2x optic for the cost of both combined. Though I do have a few problems with the zoomed optics in this game. They zoom far far too much. Im not sure what it is but it could be that the field of view in the scope is unrealistically narrow. Since lenses in scopes are convex they have a wider FOV than something with digital magnification which simply doubles the size. Ultimately the scopes just feel completely wrong. Even the 1.5x feels like a 3x the 2x feels like 4x or 5x and the higher magnifications are really not worth using on most maps since engagements are usually pretty close.

This is pretty much everything so far but im enjoying the beta a lot and im sure ill find some more things to suggest.

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Yes the grenade lauchers are op in the hands of bots
theyre spamming it like crazy

I love the idea of demo class rigging faster, nice idea!

I second the flip useage of 1x/2x holo sights. Or even an added suggestion, going side sight. Eliminate the 2x HOLO and make use of 2x aimpoint, and allow a side slot for 1x holo. tilt the gun! But i know other games have done that... But other games as well have done the flip sights. so buttons.

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Canted irons would be cool actually.

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