Hey there.

Liking the game so far and had 6 competitive matches. Since I want to play that game competitively almost exclusively I think some feedback would be appropriate:

  • EXP you get from competitive playmode is pretty low. There is no real incentive to play it if you don't level your character as well. The multiplier for competitive matches played and performing well should be even higher than the skirmish matches.

  • Matches most of the time don't even start. Of course that ties closely to not enough people playing it right now, but after a server is prepared the game won't start because not all people have been connecting. (Usually 8/10 or 9/10).
    If players are unable to join for whatever reason the matchmaking system should automatically search for another player to fill the gap. This brings me to my next issue:

  • When in the game queue and the game would be ready to join every player should CONFIRM that they are ready. This should fix issues where AFK players are joined into the game.

  • There was not a single match ending with all 10 people still on the server. Please implement some punishment for people leaving early like not being able to queue again for 30 minutes or a longer period if they are doing it repeatedly.

  • Please insert a minimum level to be able to take part in competitive matches. There were level 1 players joining the game who asked how to deploy a bipod. They should be at least level 10 or something so they have played a few skirmish matches before.

  • There is a bug where some players suddenly didn't respawn correctly and the round started with them being dead. They could redeploy after the first point was captured. It happened almost every round to one of our team members. Especially after team switch at half time it happened a lot.

  • It would be nice to see the objectives when you are still in spawn while the freeze time counts down. Currently they get shown as soon as the round starts and not before. That way you can't position yourself early on when you are not a 100% familiar with the map.

That's it for now. Gonna bring more feedback when I have played more 😉