General Feedback And My Thoughts

So i really like the new progression/customization sytem its i think great and adds some replayability value i like the shooting movement sytem vaulting they work fine vaulting can be a little clunky actually though very rarely i think what needs to be changed is either bots sholdnt be able to use greande launchers or they shold react slower and there is some design issues like u cant delete loadouts or when u get a skin u dont really know where to find it so it would be nice to have a owned skin inventory thanks for reading.

You dropped these: , , . . .

Vaulting is a giant pain imo, It's just too unpredictable at this stage. I can't be confident in what I'll be able to get over.

Trying to climb up a creek bank, the rocks where very clunky with the vault as is. I think it needs a little work too.

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