The issue that I found the most important is the optimization. My rig: i7 7700k/24GB RAM/Gigabyte GTX-1070 Founders/4TB WD Blue.
I usualy can run most games at ultra in 1080p including BF1 and SWBF2 and fps AVG of 80fps (Some options turned off like motion blur and such). But in insurgency I get sometimes as low as 45 fps. Which is NOT good at all.

I really liked this title more than the previous one. The audio is SO good I am in love. The gunplay is so satisfying I wont get board. the art style is really good.

I am in love with this title. But please NW focus on the optimization AND modding tools PLEASE!!!!

Thanks for reading this and for this game.

Clearly they need to optimize. My rig is not as fast as yours, but by turning video down to low I am keeping a steady 60+ FPS. I do expect better with full release.

They have said publicly over and over modding will be fully embraced and loved here, so I expect many mods from the past game to get ported over rather quickly. That will take this game to a whole new level, with 80 maps and 40 more guns.

Turning down the settings is not something I would like as I really want to see the game in it's glorious form.

I should have said WHEN will modding tools be available. Because I know they will have moddings tools.

Optimization is an issue... they know this. and it will be fixed.

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