Remove Filmgrain

This small texture change removes the grainy look you mostly see at night with the headlights on. this might break MP i haven't tested it.

How To Install: simply drop the texture in your games


I did not mange to download it and i got spammed with adds.

@woodingot are you signed in to MF? i have an MF account and only had one pop up, but download was easy enough.

@Rock3t i see you did yours the way i did mine, there should be no trouble with MP.

works and works for multi perfect

@8up-local No im not signed in i guess i need to do that then as for now when clicking download it redirects me to another website with local advertisements.

@woodingot Thats odd the link should take you directly to the Media Fire page is it possible you have addware on your pc? That all i could think of that would create this issue.

@8up-local Its almost the same mod i just used the paint bucket tool in and made it white then changed it to clear.

I think it might have been addware or somethign like that as it would redirect me to website to take loan and close the download site. I did just try again and its working now so no more issues.

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Here's the texture along with the and some others that I change.

The glass folder has the window textures with the alpha channel changed so the glass isn't dirty.

This is on dropbox so there aren't any popups.

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