Customization Playing Favourites?

Maybe this is mentioned in another post, but I couldn't find it. I think having many options to customize the appearance of your characters is a great thing. That said, when the Security forces have something like 25 heads to choose from and the Insurgent forces have 1, I'm concerned about the favouritism. I'm sure there will be more in the full game, but obviously favouring a faction like that is odd to me in a game like this.

By that logic it isn't fair the Insurgents get the choice of every towel pattern under the desert sun where the Security forces don't get any. I think as a graphic design choice it's been intended that you won't see the faces of the Insurgent forces so they don't need more than one.

For insurgents you instead choose eye colour and skin colour, since you never actually get to see their face. Instead, you get like 250 keffiyah appearances in 3 different styles, atleast 50 colours of shirts in 3 different styles, atleast 50 different flannels in those same styles, plus button up shirts, atleast 30 tracksuits.
Honestly insurgents have way more customisation options compared to Security.

Honestly there has to be some kind of way to distinguish friends from foes when there is customization. What you can do is limit the styles of the both sides. If insurgents always cover their face and security always show their face. That is a start. The game will not be enjoyable for me if I have to rely on hoovering player icons to know what to shoot at.

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